1 More Bite LLC

OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Courtenay Olivarez  |  Bettina Halpern
Location:  501 Willow Branch Road, Norman, OK, 73072
Contact:  405-905-0855  |  1MoreBiteOK@gmail.com
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About—At 1 More Bite, we are committed to making delicious foods from wholesome, clean ingredients. We offer a large selection of baked treats, as well as a variety of vegan items. All our items are made from scratch, with our own recipes, using traditional techniques and methods.

We offer:

Vegan Butterless Butter           Cookies            Rolls

Vegan Cheeses                       Breads              Muffins

Vegan Faux Meats                   Pies                  Brownies

and much more!

Practices– We source as many items from local vendors as possible. We use only natural, real, and organic (when available) ingredients.  We’re committed to being as earth friendly as possible, so we recycle, compost, and conserve.

Additional– Long time residents of Edmond and Bartlesville may fondly remember the ”Cakeries”. The owners of Courtina’s Cakery (in Bartlesville) and Selma’s Cakery (in Edmond) are back in the kitchen once again. Yes, we still produce the most gorgeous (and delicious) custom cakes in Oklahoma, but now we’re able to offer so much more!

We’re committed to your satisfaction and would love to hear from you. Please contact us at 1MoreBiteOk@gmail.com.