10 Acre Woods

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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Dustin Green-Vreeland
Location: 8121 McComb Rd, Norman, OK 73026
Contact: 405-706-6392 | mail@10acrewoods.com
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10 Acre Woods is a small family farm located in Norman, Oklahoma. Our produces include: produce, eggs, and chicken. We founded our farm in 2012 with just six chickens. Those six chickens quickly grew into a rather large flock that roams all over our property enjoying grass and bugs. All of the chickens are free-ranged on pasture which gives their eggs a nice dark yolk. We use non-GMO seeds. Eventually, it was the demand for fresh food shaped our farm from over grown land to a large garden. Our vegetable seeds are sourced from organic and heirloom seeds sources.


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