Anichini-Moore Ranch & Farm

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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Kathy Moore
Location: 1302 17th Street, Woodward, OK 73801
Contact: 405-823-8295 |
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Anichini-Moore Ranch and Farm, located in Woodward, Oklahoma, is focused on producing healthy food while restoring the land/soil and ecosystem. By keeping food production and processing local, we help build a more sustainable food system that supports the community. Our family-operated farm uses only organic methodologies. Our products include: heritage meats from cattle, pigs, lamb, sheep; heirloom and speciality produce, fruits, herbs, flowers, wool, native plants and compost.  We do not use synthetics, antibiotics or hormones when feeding our animals. We call our products “Ecologically Grown” since we are a small farm without outside labor we have chosen to not certify our farm as organic due to the extra record keeping and costs. Our focus is on education and raising pastured and hay fed heritage animals and heirloom fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs. We are working towards having a stainable farm by rebuilding our highly eroded sandy soil and encouraging diversity of plants, animals and restoring wildlife habitat.

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