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The Oklahoma Food Cooperative operates as an online farmers market which showcases locally produced food items and craft goods.

Producer Application Process

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Each Producer is a member of the Cooperative and is responsible for representing and managing their brand and products.

Producers set their own prices for their food items and craft goods and pay the Cooperative an 11.25% commission rate on product sales through the online store. Customers are then charged a 11.25% commission rate to purchase through the Cooperative.

At this time, the Board of Directors has suspended taking applications for new producers, except for producers selling fish, chicken, or prepared/processed foods. This page has links to the applications forms for prepared and processed foods. If you wish to sell fish or chicken, email Dustin Green, chairman of the Standards Committee, at We expect this to be a temporary step, but cannot at this time predict when we will begin taking applications again. Producers who have already submitted applications as of 4 p.m. April 24, 2016, will be allowed to complete the process. However, no new applications will be accepted except for fish, chicken and prepared or processed foods.

For potential chicken, fish, prepared or processed food applicants, the steps to become a registered producer are:

1. Register to become a member of the Cooperative. The cost of a membership is a one-time fee of $51.75. Once complete, you will receive a membership identification number which you will use on your application form(s).

2. Complete an Application Form. There are separate procedures and application forms depending on whether you intend to sell food, non-food, prepared food, or processed food items. If you intend to sell multiple types of food items, you must complete an application for each type. Whether you complete one application form or three - the flat fee is $100 regardless of how many forms you submit.

3. Your application will be reviewed by the Cooperative's Standards and Producer Care Committees. The Committees may request additional information. A representative of the Cooperative will also schedule an onsite visit to review your farm or business.

4. Applicants must attend a New Producer Orientation which is given during our monthly Delivery Day. Time will be spent working with our delivery system to understand the order and distribution process. The New Producer Orientation lasts about 4 hours.

5. If the Standards and Producer Care Committees approves your application, you will be authorized as a Producer of the Oklahoma Food Cooperative and may list your products in our online store. If Standards and Produce Care Committees do not approve your application, it will be presented to the Board to be approved or denied. If your application is denied, you may request an appeal to the Board of Directors.

6. By submitting an application to become a Producer, you agree to our Terms of Service and our Producer Operating Procedures.

Complete an Application Form

There are separate procedures and application forms depending on what you want to sell. At this time, we are only taking applications for producers of fish, chicken, and prepared and processed foods. This moratorium is expected to be temporary. Links to the other applications will be restored when the moratorium is ended.

If you intend to sell multiple types of food items, you must complete an application for each type. Whether you complete one application form or three - the total fee is $100 regardless of how many forms you submit.

Be as thorough as possible with your answers when completing the Application Form(s).

If you wish to sell fish or chicken, contact Dustin Green at the link before for a access to the appropriate application.

1. Prepared Food Application Form. Prepared Food is defined as a food made of ingredients that is prepared by the producer, such as a casserole, cake, pie, candy, high acid bottled goods like jams, jellies, pickles, or other food products that does not require a Processing Authority Letter.

2. Processed Food Application Form. This application is to sell any food product that requires a Processing Authority Letter, which is primarily any low-acid canned or bottled food, and includes any non-pickled foods that contain meat and/or vegetables.

3. If you plan to sell a co-packed product (which means that someone else besides you or your employees or partners will do the preparation), email to receive that application. 

If you have any questions about these applications or need assistance with completing an application, please email Dustin Green, Chairman of the Standards Committee, at

New Producer Responsibilities

Cooperative Producers are required to follow all of our Cooperative Procedures and must have a working email address. Producers must respond promptly to any customer emails or phone calls.

If any licenses or certificates are required for your product (e.g. small producer license for eggs, health department inspection certificate for a kitchen, etc.) the Cooperative must receive a copy of those documents before approving your application. Bring paper copies that you can leave with the Cooperative during the New Producer Orientation.

The approval process takes between 1-3 months to complete, so don't wait until the last minute before your harvest to apply. However, don't apply if you will not have something to sell for six months, because a new producer who does not offer any products for sale for six months must go through the approval process again. 

Onsite visits are scheduled after the submission of the Application Form(s) and after the New Producer Orientation is completed.

The visit by a Producer Representative is meant to be a friendly experience where you can ask questions about the Cooperative.  It also offers the Cooperative the opportunity to verify your production claims.  If you are going to sell beef, we will want to see cattle; if you plan to sell tomatoes, we need to see tomato plants; if you want to sell eggs, we have to see chickens; if you make soap, we want to see soap making equipment, supplies, and some finished products.

If you can't provide this product walk-through, you should delay your application until you are prepared to do so.

It is your responsibility to know the regulations that govern your farm business. It is up to each Producer to understand and comply with the law. If you plan to sell any kind of food that involves any kind of modification to the food, you must talk with your local Health Department before you start your application process with the Cooperative.  Any modification to food requires some regulatory compliance. 

If your application form(s) is not accepted and you do not become a Producer, at your request we will cancel your membership and refund your membership payment.

INTEGRIS Employee Shopping Site

Starting in 2018, the Oklahoma Food Cooperative is starting a second shopping site for INTEGRIS Employees. This is operated as an independent website at To participate in the this site, you need to register a new account and submit a new producer application even if you are already a Member of the Cooperative and/or a Producer in the Cooperative. (Note: if you were setup on the "weekly" shopping site, you may already be setup on the INTEGRIS site.) Use the links below to get setup on the INTEGRIS site: