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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: John Gosney | Kris Gosney
Location: 201 VoTech Dr, Fairview, OK 73737
Contact: 580-227-3452 |
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John’s Farm family represents five generations of family farming history, with both John and Kris having ancestors who were Oklahoma pioneers and farmers. Our roots go deep into the soil of Oklahoma as we cultivate land staked in the Oklahoma Land Run as reflected by our two Oklahoma Centennial Farms. Our goal is to be stewards of God’s creation. To accomplish this goal we measure farming techniques and animal raising practices by environmentally safe and animal friendly standards. Our customers are insured our goals are being met through certifications; these include Certified Organic by the OK Dept of Ag and USDA, Non-GMO Verified by the Non-GMO Verification Project, and Animal Welfare Approved. Our herd is made up of black and red Angus. Another assurance is provided to our customers in the form of testing results on Cattle Tracks Beef. Instead of relying on an association standard or specific production practice average we test Cattle Tracks to get the facts! Test results prove Cattle Tracks Beef is exceptional in the Omega6-to-Omega3 ratio and CLA count. We believe our customers need to know a farmer, understand the farmer’s crop growing and livestock raising practices, and realize the healthiness of the food their farmer produces.

Cattle Tracks beef are grass-grazed 24/7/365. John is convinced that organic, non-GMO, environmentally secure beef are the best for sustainability and for human consumption. These standards, in our opinion are the best way and the only way for our farm. Producing tasty products, while providing healthy products, illustrates our commitment to health conscious consumers. Calves are treated with dignity and respect in an animal-friendly atmosphere that provides sunshine, fresh air, open spaces, and less stress. Animals are free of growth implants, antibiotics, hormones, and animal by-products. To provide extra protein during stress conditions caused by weaning and weather extremes cattle are fed a minimal of organic oats and barley. Again, test results prove these organic supplements to be suitable for cattle and facilitate in their healthiness as well as the quality of their meat.

Cattle Tracks beef is processed at Kiowa Locker Systems, a USDA inspected and certified organic processing company. We are very fortunate to be able to process in Kiowa as they are also certified by the OK Dept of Ag and, thus, the Oklahoma organic certification follows our product from our farm to completion of processing. We are grateful for the opportunity to provide Oklahomans with organic beef and wheat products that are recognized first for their flavor and second for their healthy benefits.

John’s Farm is the largest Oklahoma producer of certified organic wheat. We offer Fairview’s Best Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat Berries and Fairview’s Best Organic Whole Grain Wheat Flour. Our customers have an advantage – knowing the origin of their food, the integrity and wholesomeness of our products. In the event you purchase one of our products and, for any reason, are not satisfied please contact us as a full refund or replacement of the product will be made. You may contact us by email ( or by phone (580.227.3452). If we do not respond immediately, please call or email again – technology does fail occassionally; we desire to stay in touch with our customers.

We invite you to visit the farm and see for yourself what sustainable agriculture really looks like. Please take this opportunity to visit us online at and

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