Cedar Spirit

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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Kim Rouse
Location: PO Box 1773, Edmond, OK 73083
Contact: 405-885-7005 | kimber518@hotmail.com
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Cedar Spirit was created because we have a number of Cedar trees which need to be removed from our property. Cedars are very fast growing and they can be invasive. They also use a huge amount of water and that keeps other plants from being able to utilize that water. What we’ve done in the past once we cut a Cedar down, is to burn it. That is not very environmentally friendly and can be dangerous because they burn very hot and quickly. This is also the reason live Cedars are such a fire hazard.  So, we’ve begun creating products with the branches and wood. We’re not really concerned about making a lot of money with these products but we would like to be compensated for our time. We just mainly want to put this raw material to good use and to do something good for the environment. By creating a market for products made with Cedar, we are hoping to reduce their numbers in Oklahoma.

The first products we created are several different sizes of Cedar smudge sticks. Cedar smudges are used as ceremonial incense by many Native American Tribes. Then, we created are some decorative candle holders and other home decor items. Several other products have been created since then or are in the design/creation stage including: Cedar mulch, Cedar essential oil, and many different things created with various sizes of wood slices – stepping stones, coasters, trays, furniture, etc.