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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Hannah Harder
Location: Oklahoma
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Cheaper Nuggets is named after our blog and is about our pursuits of simple and sustainable things that are frugal. Our “shop” is particularly interested in being purveyors of written sentiments in an age of invisible communications. Hannah Harder, “the Treehugger” is a writer and environmental educator but her best job is mom to three kids. She is married to a French Horn player aka “the Tree Hugger Hugger” who is very patient with, all-be-it often baffled by, her eco-ideas. I also have recently opened an Etsy store (Paper, Pen, Chalk, Lens)where you can buy my cards all the time and do freelance interpretive writing, editing, and photography. I am lucky enough to be member 360 and can’t tell you how many times the coop and you beautiful people have pushed me back full circle towards the sustainable life I hoped to lead. You are the rose in this hard red rock and one of the reasons I have grown to call Oklahoma my acquired ecosystem. So, thanks for that and see you soon!

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