Cimarron Valley Farm

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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Francesca Clifford | Andy Clifford
Location: 13202 W. 128th | Coyle, OK 73027
Contact: 4052061507 |
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Cimarron Valley Farms is a small family owned farm consisting of about 190 acres of pasture and farm land in the sandhills of the Cimarron river valley. We raise a few goats, chickens, horses, mules and an ass or two, but our mainstay and anchor to our operation is a world class farrow to finish hog operation of 40 elite sows. Our hogs are always raised on dirt, never on concrete, wire or slats. All of our pigs are rotated through our pastures using portable shelters and fences to utilize our hogs to clear ground, revitalize pastures, maintain soil fertility and tilth, harvest mast crops and to glean crop residues. We have happy pigs foraging for all the acorns, hazelnuts, pecans, and native grass they can stand. Andy began his adventures in hog raising when his dad gave him his first hog around the age of three and the rest is history. Through the years he and his dad, Will, have enjoyed working together to raise hogs that have the best temperament, maternal instincts, and meat quality. Andy is a former meat inspector and knows the business inside and out! Most days he and Will are found down in the pens studying their hogs to see what new things they may try next.


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