Cocina San Pasqual

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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Leah & Bobby Aufill
Location: 750046 N. Hwy 177 | Tryon, OK 74875
Contact: 405-880-7645
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Bobby Aufill, former owner and chef of Bobo’s Mexican Restaurant in Stillwater, specializes in the tastes of New Mexican, Chihuahuan, and Sonoran cuisine. He grew up in New Mexico where he operated 3 successful restaurants from 1959-1972 before moving to Oklahoma. After retiring from the restaurant business in 1997, Bobby received many requests from former customers who missed his food. In 2003 we finished our licensed kitchen and added some of his gourmet food to our farmers’ market booth in Stillwater.

Leah Aufill, specializing in horticulture, operates the market garden and kitchen. We specialize in growing produce and cut flowers using compost, mulch and worm bin stuff and have sold at the Stillwater farmers’ market since 1999. Prior to becoming a full time grower and landscape professional, Leah worked for OSU in vegetable and cut flower research and the University of Florida in Tropical Fruit Research. She received a Bachelor of Science in horticulture at OSU and a Master of Science in Fruit Crops at University of Florida. She grew up on a family farm in Arkansas, participating in the production of all the vegetables and meat for the family of six. Since 1980 she worked in several Mexican restaurants through high school and some of her college. While living in Florida for seven years before Mexican restaruants became so popular, she experienced withdrawals from lack of good Mexican food.

Cougar Country: In 2007, we are working on our next expansion with lots of help from my brother Phillip Ables. We have 3 pet cougars, one hand raised by us since she was 2 weeks old and 2 rescue kitties from the Department of Wildlife. We are building a new cage for them at a new location and hope to get relocated after it passes inspection. In the meantime, our garden will be very small this year so we can devote more time to this really big project. The Puma girls will be happy with their new home upon completion, giving them lots of play room, jumping areas and an indoor facility.

We are in the process of separating our kitchen name from the garden name and will slowly introduce this on the labels. So if you see Cocina San Pasqual, Kitchen of Saint Pasqual, don’t be too confused. As we expand, we are working on the marketing image. Thanks for all your support, we really enjoy sharing our food with others.


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