Cross Timbers Farm

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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Lisa Lusby | Quentin Lusby
Location: 3286 E Vet Mem Hwy | Blanchard, OK 73010
Contact: (405) 485-6075 |
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Cross Timbers Farm, located in Blanchard, OK is a family owned and operated farm and business specializing in creating quality skin care products. Our lovely and congenial herd of dairy goats provides the goat’s milk that makes our recipes so unique and therapeutically effective. Over fifty two different combinations of high quality oils, butters and essential oils are combined with the healing properties of goat’s milk proteins and enzymes to produce skin care products beneficial to all skin types, conditions and therapeutic needs!

Our goat’s milk soaps and lotions are now marketed nation wide through website sales and specialty stores, and we are very proud to have been among the Oklahoma Co-op producers since 2006.

Each of our soaps and lotions is listed with a complete description of beneficial properties as well as the fragrance you may expect to enjoy while using them.

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