First Quarter Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Agenda for Board of Directors Meeting
April 26, 2015

+ Consent docket — adopting minutes of last meeting and accepting new members and issuing stock for them.
+ Management Reports

Old Business


New Business

+ Hiring a half time employee to do marketing. (See below for proposed job description). (Bob Waldrop & Management)
+ Policy to readily provide names & contact information for the Coop members to board members. (Kathy Moore)
+ Replacing Brendan (Brendan Furneaux)
+ Discussion question: Why do we pay more than buying the same items at a store (Liz McBeen)
+ Exempting central site volunteers from shipping and handling (Liz McBeen)

Proposed job description for marketing employee.

The Oklahoma Food Cooperative is seeking someone to promote and advertise the Coop to its own members and to the non-member public. We are looking for someone who is creative and has marketing training and experience. The mission of this employee is to increase the sales of the Coop producers.

The Marketing employee is responsible for the following work:

1. All advertising and promotions, including social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram).
2. Tabling, public presentations, other miscellaneous outreach activities.
3. The coop branded merchandise program.
4. Coop email marketing.
5. Promotional materials.
6. Helping producers to better market themselves.

The Marketing employee coordinates with volunteers who have current assignments (producer notes, social media) and recruits and trains new outreach volunteers as needed. He or she will receive requests for tables, information activities, and speakers, and will schedule our response.

This is a half time position.

To apply, please forward a resume of your experience and training, together with a portfolio of work samples, to