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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Luke Fisher
Location: 29323 S 257th W Avenue | Bristow, OK 74010
Contact: (918) 639-0244 |
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My great-great grandfather moved to Oklahoma with his family in 1905 and settled several miles east of the newly established town of Bristow. Four generations later, our family is still farming the same land.

As the family has grown, we have diversified from wheat, hay, and cattle into other agricultural enterprises. We all love the farming way of life, so as more families come, we have to keep making more use of the land that we have. My father and grandfather continued raising grain and cattle and started a feed mill. Our cousins started a laying hen operation and another feed store. And now, my wife and I are growing vegetables and raising yet another generation of oklahoma farm kids.

Our family has always grown a large garden. We are big fans of veggies ourselves and think that everyone should eat more of them. The logic was simple. We should grow more. Enough for you and us!

Thanks for supporting Oklahoma farm families!

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