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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Jerri Parker
Location: 36653 E W 1100 Rd. | Okemah, OK 74859
Contact: (405) 590-2822 | jerri.parker61@gmail.com
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Greg and I got involved with beef in high school. He was active in FFA livestock shows and livestock judging with his Hereford heifer “Eleanor”. I was active in 4-H, involved in the county, district and state competition of meat/carcass identification and livestock judging. Both of us came from farm & ranch families from the Cromwell area. We were high school sweethearts and have planted our roots here on our 400 acre ranch in northern Seminole county, close to my parents and grandparents. On this ranch is where our children have played on the creeks, hunted the woods, swam and noodled the river, caught wild critters to raise and release, and this is where they have bonded by blood and sweat to the land.

We believe in the natural way and order of things – the way God intended. We had to learn this lesson the hard way. Our oldest child had severe reactions to her immunizations. We almost lost her to a blood disorder. From that hard, tear filled lesson, we became aggressive in the decisions concerning the health of our family. Three of our five children were born here on the farm, delivered by their dad. They have not received immunizations and are very healthy. The only instance of visiting a doctor was for a couple of stitches. Every illness is treated with herbs. The usual questions here: “How can they attend public school?” There are exceptions to the law- medical, religious, and philosophical. Basically, you are the parent and you have the right to say “NO”.

We began our “ranch” in 1990 with 40 acres. Our three oldest children wanted to rodeo, by riding calves. So we headed to the sale barn to find a heifer for them to practice on. “Firecracker” became our first mama cow. Her excellent milk line is still in the herd to this day. We were fortunate to buy 260 acres adjoining us in 2000. Our herd has slowly grown over the years as we worked to reclaim the abandoned and brush covered land. We are now at 75 Angus/Charolais mama cows. The Angus provides more marbling to the meat, while the charolais provides a meatier carcass. We began G-J All Natural Beef in 2005, selling butcher calves to friends and family. We’ve grown by word of mouth because we have an excellent product. Our beef is now being sold in the Shawnee House of Health food stores. Our goal is to produce a high quality product and to make a lifelong friendship with our customers.

Greg and I both have jobs off the farm. He works with computers and I am a junior high school teacher. I really enjoy being with the cows in the evening. “They don’t back talk with an attitude.” LOL

We enjoy our three grandbabies, going to sporting events with our kids, hosting bluegrass bands in our home, going on wagon train rides, hog hunting, hearing coon dogs run in the evening, sponsoring wilderness camp for summer school, raising garden products for senior citizens, and sharing a cold glass of ice tea on the front porch with a friend.

We believe in the 3 F’s: Family, Friends and Fun.

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