Greenwood Farms

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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Gary Greenwood | Cindy Greenwood
Location: 32707 S. 4360 Road, Big Cabin, OK 74332
Contact: 918-783-5647 |
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We have been Dairy Farmer since 1985 before that we rasied bottle calves,hogs,beef cows and chickens. Gary was working in Tulsa on the railroad through all of this. In the 90’s we decided to go to fullspeed with the dairy [150 cows] that went well until the drought hit no hay,no grass grain prices were high so we sold 119 head of dairy cows. We now have 40 dairy cow ,60 beef cows ,150 hogs, 300 hens a bunch of ducks,20 milk goats,15 meat goats ,1 sheep,horses,mules and one lama. We love farming ,we could not do anything else, it a part of us and were a part of it.


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