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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Melissa Bennett
Location: 11542 N 400 Road, Hulbert, OK 74441
Contact: (918) 772-2010 |
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TO BE PERFECTLY TRANSPARENT WE USE NO HORMONES, ANTIBIOTICS , SYNTHETIC PESTICIDES, FERTILIZERS OR HERBICIDES IN ANY STAGE OR AREA OF OUR EGG OR CHICKEN PRODUCTION! We are a 200 acre farm nestled in the rolling hills of Northeastern Oklahoma in Cherokee County. We are pleased to offer free range eggs from our hens.They are let out to roam our acreage 365 days a year. When they are not eating grass and the bugs they find, we supplement them with certified, non-GMO feed from a Mennonite feed mill in Buffalo, Missouri. At the Farmer’s Markets we attend we like to tell people we have good eggs from happy chickens.

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Dean and Melissa Bennett


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