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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Hector Najar | Mary Najar
Location: Oklahoma City , OK 73120
Contact: 405-517-4908 | mharmon11@hotmail.com
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I am Hector X Najar II. My wife Mary and I recently made a lifestyle change that changed our lives forever. I lost 150 pounds and my wife lost 125 pounds. After our weight loss journey, we wrote a book, “Skinny, Livin’ The Dream” telling our story and sharing inspirational guidance to others in hopes of helping them to achieve their dreams of a healthier, more energized body. We did not change our love of food but we did have to change our idea of food. We started a large backyard garden and attended some classes at OSU/OKC for education in horticulture. Today we have 13 backyard gardens that we tend to year around. We grow our own food, so we know what is in it. We practice all natural gardening methods to ensure our food is clean from herbicides, pesticides and GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). We do all of our own composting for natural fertilization and control the pestS with ladybugs, praying mantis and other beneficial bugs along with natural products. The journey is full circle with my love of cooking and my knowledge of good clean food. Our strong belief in good clean food has led us to the Oklahoma Food Co-op to sell our garden vegetables, culinary herbs and maybe a few crafts in the mix.


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