Honey Hill Farm

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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Jo Ann Logan | Jerry Logan
Location: 2501 Cedar Oak Dr. | Edmond, OK 73013
Contact: 405-341-5499 | loganhoneyhillfarm@sbcglobal.net
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Honey Hill Farm is located just north of Guthrie off Hwy. 74C. The Farm is 320 acres of grassy pasture, woodlands and lakes. Jerry manages about 130 hives of honey bees and has been beekeeping for more than 40 years. About half of the hives are located on the Farm; others are set out on farms nearby. Three trailers of our bees are on farms near Newcastle. Honey from the different locations is mostly gathered in August and September and blended together. That is why each year it has a slightly different color and flavor. Bees make honey from nectar contained in the flowers. Weather plays a large part in the success of honey flow as rain can be too much or too little. Many people like honey still in the comb, but bees do not always make nice honeycomb as they may not fill all the wax cells resulting in skimpy honeycomb. Cutting out the comb means the bees must start over building wax foundation the next summer.

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