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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Jana Spruiell
Location: 8313 NW 25 | Bethany, OK 73008
Contact: 4054409909 | jjasprl@gmail.com
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I inherited my Dad, a retired cotton farmer’s green thumb. When I began, my backyard was a lawn. I decided to try lasagna gardening. Dad said I would never have a garden the first year. But I spread cardboard over most of the yard, dug soil from beside the beds to spread on top of it. As I dug, I discovered a cement pathway, about 6″ underground, winding through the yard. that became my border for the beds, and walkway through the garden. I spread compost from my pile over all of it. That first year, I had okra 10 feet tall,a bumper crop. I rarely have to weed my garden. 3 years ago, after reading Ruth Stout’s No Work Gardening, I purchased a large round bale of hay, which I spread over the garden. since then, I have had to remove wheat each spring. This year, I added stepping stones, which I dug from around my hydrangeas. Now I don’t trample things in the process of tending my garden. I also installed polycarbonate panel strips to hold in water from the pathways. I have a drip watering system throughout the garden. I could spend 24/7 outside, but darkness limits my time there. I am in the process of making my shed into a greenhouse, hopefully before winter.

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