Lavender Valley Acres

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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Jag Sodhi
Location: 10041 CR 1410, Apache, OK 73006
Contact: 580-588-2855 |
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Lavender Valley Acres strives to create an atmosphere of peace, harmony, and relaxation among the beautiful scents and colors of lavender. We hand-grow 10 varieties of lavender herb plants and have a line of products which includes: oils, sachet bags, hydrosol spray, lotions, soaps made with goat milk, candles, potpourri, dried stem, culinary buds, and gift baskets. If you find yourself in Apache, Oklahoma, stop by our farm and delight your senses in the beauty of all things that are Lavender. Take a walk through our Lavender garden and breathe in the calming aromatic airs.


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