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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Sam Lovera
Location: 95 W 6th Street | P.O. Box 313 | Krebs, OK 74554
Contact: 918 423 2842 |
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Lovera’s Market was founded in 1946 by Mike Lovera. Since the beginning Lovera’s has brought the best of Italian Sausage and Cheese as well as fine Italian Imports to our customers in Krebs OK. Today, Mike’s son Sam carries on that fine tradition. Famous for our Italian Sausage made from the family recipe brought over from the Piedmont region of Italy, we have become a household name across the state. In 1996, we began to make our signature cheese, “Caciocavallo.” This cheese is a local legend, having been very much a part of the local heritage of our community since the early coal mining days. Italian immigrants brought with them the recipe for this cheese, as they settled the area to work the coal mines. Our Caciocavera, Hickory-Smoked Caciocavera, and Braided Caciocavera cheeses are all made with 100% cow’s milk; our Batista cheese is made with half cow’s milk and half goats’ milk. These Artisan Cheeses, made in our own cheese production facility, have won numerous gold and silver medals at both the American Cheese Society competition and the World Cheese Awards. We are thrilled to be a producer/ member of the OK Food Co-op and excited to offer an introductory price on all versions of our Caciocavera Cheese. Save $1.00 off the 8oz size (normally $6.00/each, listed this month for $5.00/ each) . Thanks to Bob, Sarah, Adam and everyone else who has helped us along the way.


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