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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Luis Saenz
Location: 3128 NW 12th St | Oklahoma City, OK 73107
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Luis Saenz has always had a passion for art, and it is not until he grabbed his first camera that he found a way to express his feelings and the way he sees the world.

Although his education background is in economics from New Mexico State University; in order to follow his passion, he took photography classes as well. It was with these classes and through admiring many of his photographer friends’ work that he developed his own style, filled with a touch of irony at times.

He has also taught photography and Photoshop techniques within the Fresh Eyes Photography program at Las Cruces NM juvenile center, as a way to rehabilitate young lost kids and provide them with a passion in life, something to hold on to, while in there.

Luis Saenz has traveled the worlds of this world, expanding his cultural horizons, as well as his appetite for more. These travels have afforded him the opportunity to interact with all walks of life, each influential in their own right.

“…Always having a vision for beautiful and obscure things, I have found that capturing moments in suspended animation is the voice that drives my photography.”

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