McGuire Land & Cattle

OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Matt McGuire
Location: 6650 John Wayne, Perry, OK 73077
Contact: 405-742.4351 |
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Formerly Semkin Longhorns run by Charlene Semkin who has been in the longhorn business for 40 years. She has done an excellent job producing industry leading blood lines. After Charlene moved her herd to Oklahoma in 1992, family friend Matt McGuire fell in love with the breed. Matt was able to learn the techniques needed to handle these wonderful cattle by working with Charlene’s son David, day in and day out. Matt later switched hats and began to see what all Charlene did for the business, listening to her market the cattle either over the phone or to people visiting the ranch. All the while working on the ranch, Matt continued to grow his own herd of Longhorn cattle.

After Matt graduated with a degree in Ranch Operations at Oklahoma State University (GO POKES) he decided to diversify himself by working on a ranch in Nebraska. After that he moved to Illinois to work on a ranch before deciding to get back to his roots, so he moved back to Perry, OK where his family staked land during the Oklahoma Land Run over 120 years ago.

After getting settled and marrying a Perry native, it became apparent that God was leading him to run his own ranch. This was when the idea to merge two great operations Semkin Longhorns and McGuire Land and Cattle came about. This was a win win for Matt and Charlene. Matt was able to continue a program he had grown up knowing and Charlene would get to continue to do what she loves, marketing Texas Longhorns.

The ranch now consists of over 600 head of Texas Longhorns and a recently added commercial herd, to help with our recip program. The operation is spread out over 3,000 acres in 5 counties. Matt is a firm believer in raising calm cattle so he incorporates the use of horses to check and gather cattle as often as possible. Matts love of cattle and his over 22 years of experience allow him to operate with confidence and be able to further the legacy that was started 40 years ago.

We would love for you to come to the ranch and see the cattle.