Meatloaf For 100

30 pounds Ground Oklahoma beef
8 pounds ground Oklahoma pork
1.5 pounds finely minced onions
6.25 quarts fine bread crumbs
16 beaten eggs from pastured chickens
9.5 cups goats milk
8 cups tomato sauce
seasonings – salt, cayenne pepper, black pepper, minced garlic

To make the tomato sauce: take about ten pounds of fresh vine ripened tomatoes, drop in boiling water to remove skins, take off the core/stem attachment, chop and put with a small amount of water in a sauce pan and simmer for a couple of hours.

1. Thoroughly blend meat, seasonings, onion, and crumbs by hand. Machine mixing will harden the loaf.

2. Add beaten eggs, milk, and tomato juice and mix thoroughly.

3. Bake in large pans at 325 degrees F. for about one and one-half hours.

This recipe is based on a recipe from the book Quantity Cooking, by Nola Treat and Lenore Richards, of the Richards Treat Cafeteria and Food Shop, printed in 1951.