Meet the Producer: Crestview Farms

Near the end of March, the FDA investigated a multi-stage outbreak of salmonella linked to cucumbers that were produced and grown in Baja, Mexico. There were 907 people from 40 states that were infected, including 13 people in Oklahoma. The FDA took steps to fix the matter. However, as consumers, it’s important that we take matters into our own hands to prevent this from happening to ourselves and our families.

One obvious step is to grow your own food. If that’s not feasible for you, the next best thing is to know your food source: who grows/raises/makes it and what type of farming practices are in use.

At the Oklahoma Food Cooperative, we only sell items that are produced locally from Producers who meet strict production standards. Because we operate with transparency, you will always have access to the Producer to ask questions, learn about their business practices and even visit their farm. There is no better peace of mind than knowing where your food comes from, and that is what we strive to give you.

There are several vegetable farmers through the Co-op. This month, we are featuring Susan Graff of Crestview Farms.


Meet the Producer: Crestview Farms
Owner: Susan Graff
Location: 5521 N. Douglas Blvd. / Arcadia, Okla.

Graff has always had a garden and used organic practices. All of her produce, including herbs and plants, is certified organic, free of chemicals and GMO products. It is never sold in grocery stores. She has been farming organically since 1996.

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