Meet the Producer: Rowdy Stickhorse

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is a month away? That means there’s no better time than now to start searching for that perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

We’re here to help you end that search.

Check out this week’s Meet the Producer feature about Rowdy Stickhorse, a company based out of Douglas, Okla., that makes holistic, herbal body and home products. These luxurious products are nourishing for the skin and are sure to make a statement this Valentine’s Day.


Rowdy Stickhorse – holistic herbal goats’ milk body care and home products

Owner Paulette Rink makes everything from scratch with 100 percent pure and organic ingredients (not bulk bases like most crafters who claim they made it themselves). It’s clear that quality is important to Rink.

“Our girls (our goats) and I work hard every day to produce the best products we can possibly provide. The girls provide us with the basis for our soaps and other products. In return we provide them with a happy healthy life, with unconditional love,” Rink said.

The difference between Rowdy Stickhorse products and the others is that Rink has certifications that ensure these items have healing powers. She has been certified in Clinical Aromatherapy and Clinical Herbalism for more than 20 years and creates herbal and essential oil blends that help heal you, not harm you.

“Remember that a true soap crafter can blend the right oils with the right herbs and voila – a masterpiece. I recommend that you do your research and choose your soap wisely,” Rink said.

Rowdy Stickhorse products are available now through our marketplace. A few items to choose from include body cream, bath salts, tub tornadoes (fun, fizzy bath bombs!), laundry detergent and even baby powder.

Go ahead and grab a few for yourself and for a gift. You won’t be disappointed.