Mitties Kitchen

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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Melinda Billingsley
Location: 49200 Hardesty Road | Earlsboro, OK 74840
Contact: 405-593-9986 |
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My husband Danney and I have been married for 28 years and have raised two sons in the Earlsboro area. My Love of cooking insured that our family was always well fed, and gave me a captive audience to experiment with. Through gardening, I had access to fresh produce to use in my meal creations. I also had plenty to can, freeze, or turn into jams and salsas. With the blessing of living next door to my mother, we spent countless hours together. We were also business partners for over 30 years. After my mom passed away we purchased her house, had it certified as a commercial kitchen, and Mitties Kitchen was born. Named after my grandmother, Mitties Kitchen produces and sells a wide variety of items. Breads, cookies, herbal vinegars, jams, butters, and fresh salads are some of the items offered each week at the Pott County Farmers Market. All Mitties Kitchen items are made with local fruit and produce when available.


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