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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Loren Liebscher
Location: 1002 Old 66 | Hydro, OK 73048
Contact: 405 556 1069 | loren@stonestackmill.com
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Stone Stack Mill is a division of P Bar Farms located on historic Route 66 at Hydro, Oklahoma near the larger town of Weatherford, Ok. We grow our own wheat on the farm and freshly mill it for you in handy resealable 5lb and 2 lb bags. Our flour is ground a little finer than what you may be used to from commercial whole wheat flours and is great for baking. You will enjoy the full flavor of the entire wheat berry in all your baked goods!

Also, enjoy our freshly milled Blue and Yellow Corn Meal in resealable 2lb bags. Our Yellow Corn Meal is milled from yellow corn grown from non-GMO seed. Blue corn, having never been genetically modified, is confidently non-GMO but due to genetic drift we don’t feel it is responsible to call yellow corn completely non-GMO. We are excited to announce we will be offering our wheat berries for sale in 5lb packaging with larger sizes available soon!

Visit our web site at www.stonestackmill.com for more recipes!


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