Pork Chops Cookin’ and the many Advantages of LARD!

pork chops

The pork chop is one of MY favorite meats, that’s for sure.  The picture shows the “breakfast cut” which are typically a half inch thick or less.  We like them that way because they offer super value AND are quick cooking AND are SUPER tasty.  I forget which producer I got these from, either Double R or Greenwoods.  They thaw fast too, which is great when I forget to take something out in the morning.  Typically they are packaged two to a pack that weighs less than a pound.  Our producers typically sell a variety of thicknesses so shop around to the various Oklahoma pork producers who sell through us to find what you want.

I season them with just a dab of salt and pepper and fry them in LARD from Cocina San Pasqual via the Coop.

Yes, lard — real, non-hydrogenated lard from Oklahoma grown pigs — is my fat of choice for frying stuff.  OH NO! WHAT ABOUT THE CHOLESTEROL!  Well, as a matter of fact, my most recent test showed a total cholesterol of 193. And the doc said my HDL and LDL were fine too.  In days of  yore, before we started the Coop, and I started buying and eating meats from free ranging/pastured herds, my total cholesterol topped out at 289.  Here we are, all these years later, and without taking a cholesterol drug, my levels are making my docs happy.

And I cook in lard!

Lard is a monosaturated fat (like olive oil and butter), and is loaded with Vitamin D. It’s main fat is Oleic Acid –which lowers your risk for depression, lowers your LDL cholesterol, and may also help suppress your risk for cancer, especially breast cancer.

Lard is tasty!  One reason your grandmother’s pie crusts were so tasty and flaky was because she used lard!

Lard is a natural and sustainable product.  The lard to eat is made here in Oklahoma from Oklahoma grown pigs.  As far as I know, the Oklahoma Food Cooperative is the only source for this kind of lard, rendered in Perkins, Oklahoma by Cocina San Pasqual.

Lard is heat stable. Polyunsaturated fats, when heated, often break down and create free radicals, which are undesirable inside our bodies.  That’s one reason why lard is such a good fat to cook with.  It won’t break down and create free radicals in your body.

Don’t forget to order some lard this month on your Coop order!  It’s a true bon appetitin’ Oklahoma product!

Bob Waldrop