Quick, healthy, tasty breakfast!

breakfast 2


  • Hot peppers, picked from my garden
  • Chopped tomatoes, also from the garden
  • Onions, from Fishers in Bristow via the Coop
  • Sausage, from Greenwoods in Big Cabin, via the Coop
  • Eggs, from a Coop producer
  • Lard, from Cocina San Pasqual in Perkins, via the Coop
  • Tortillas, from Buy for Less

Chop the tomatoes, onions, and peppers.  Tear the tortillas into small pieces (1-2 inches square). Put a dab of lard into a cast iron skillet to grease it nicely.  Add the sausage, onions, peppers, and tortillas.  Cook until the sausage is done, the onions are almost translucent, and the tortlllas are nicely browned.  That all happens at about the same time.  I stir it around a lot during the frying so it is like a cast iron stir fry.

Meanwhile, break some eggs in a bowl (as many as you need for however many you are feeding, usually two per person). Stir them well to break up the yolks, pour into the pan.  If using only two or three eggs, I typically immediately turn off the fire. Scramble the eggs until done, but not dry.  Turning off the fire helps you to avoid the fate of dried out scrambled eggs.

When done, remove immediately from the pan onto a plate.  Also immediately, wash the cast iron skillet.  Never let a cast iron skillet sit around with egg residue.  It is hard to clean once that hardens.  So the pan goes immediately underneath the faucet and is scrubbed with a handy luffa or other sponge, until nice and clean.

This breakfast is ready in 10 minutes.

Y’all bon appetit, you hear?