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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Beth Perry
Location: 1204 N. Cemetery Road, Tuttle, OK 73089
Contact: 405-640-5676 | ramblingroad@gmail.com
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Jean Routman is the artist behind the HomePortraits product. She started making the bas relief models back in 1999. Hundreds of her one of a kind creations can be found all over the world, even as far away as Germany. The 85 year old has been an artist all her life, beginning her journey at the Washington University School of Fine Arts. She “colored” photographs before color photography became the norm, painted original portraits in oil and pastel, and created fanciful birds and costume headgear in paper mache before clay became her favorite medium. She has been featured in the Edmond Outlook publication (volume 7, number 4) as well as the Daily Oklahoman Real Estate Section (May 15, 2005). Feel free to contact her at 405-315-2815 or jroutman@mac.com for more information. Beth Perry is the owner of Rambling Road Designs, a home renovation and custom furniture company operating out of Tuttle, Oklahoma. She also works part time at the Woodcraft store in Oklahoma City. She is a graduate of Rice University and has studied woodworking at the Homestead Heritage Woodworking School in Texas, the Northwest Woodworking Studio in Portland, Oregon, Shannon Rogers Hand Tool School and the Mary May School of Carving. She can be reached at 405-640-5676 or ramblingroad@gmail.com.