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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Susan Parker
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Contact: (405) 840-2146 |
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Re-Imagined Cards has evolved from making and sending greeting cards to family and friends on several holidays every year AND a LOT of scrap-booking projects. Add to that a family that has always been involved in some type of craft project, AND as educators, we always made many of our classroom materials. Well, you can imagine the left over “stuff” from all those projects! Then, also in that mix is a desire to do what we can to be eco friendly to our environment. Our family has always had that philosophy. In fact we had a framed statement in the craft room: “Make it do, Wear it out, Use it up, Or do without.” (I even took a college class once…a long time ago…where we had to create teaching materials out of cast-off items.) So, the whole focus in creating Re-Imagined Cards and related items is to use what we have on hand. We just came to the conclusion that we really didn’t need to be purchasing additional materials for the cards – we had piles of scraps from left over projects to use! When our stash of card stock from other projects ran out, we started looking around for something else we could use and not have to buy. Well, my goodness! Turns out, there is cardboard everywhere in our lives! And, not only that, bits of this and that started presenting itself to us in a different light. The world of “ephemera” (love that word) is vast. We have been making these cards for several years & recipients have always waited in anticipation for the next one. We want to give you the opportunity to enjoy this tradition of sending homemade Re-Imagined Cards to your family and friends as well.



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