Roast recipe from Heaven Sent Food & Fiber

You asked and we listened!

Several people asked about the shoulder roast recipe prepared by Heaven Sent Food & Fiber at our annual meeting on Saturday, Jan. 30. Owner Sue Riccelli was more than happy to share it with all of our wonderful readers. Happy eating!

Heaven Sent Food & Fiber Shoulder Roast

1 shoulder roast (whatever size you need)
2-3 cloves elephant garlic, sliced lengthwise
Worcestershire sauce shake bottle over meat til coated top and sides
Italian seasoning (enough to cover top of roast)
About 1 cup white wine, cooking or drinking (whatever you prefer)
Turn crock pot on low(8-10hrs) and forget till done

Take a knife and cut slits into the meat and insert sliced garlic in the cuts. Put roast in a dry slow cooker. Coat the meat with Worcestershire sauce (make sure to cover the top and sides). Sprinkle Italian seasoning over the top of the roast. Cook on low for about 8-10 hours (or until done). Optional: add potatoes and your favorite vegetables about 2-3 hours before cooking ends.

Be inventive and customize to your tastes. Enjoy!