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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Melissa Turner | Patrick Rexrode
Location: NW 20th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73106
Contact: 405-823-5452 |
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Hi, my name is Melissa.

I am pleased to offer my amazing all-natural 4 fluid ounce lotion bars and the download codes for the music of KARUNA SPOON, by Soft and Tweet Products, via the Oklahoma Food Cooperative.

SOFT AND TWEET lotion bars are lovingly created in Oklahoma City (delivered on bicycle) using uncompromising organic, non-GMO and vegan ingredients: wild-harvested candelilla wax, certified organic and fair-trade cocoa butter, certified organic coconut oil, certified organic sweet virgin almond oil and your choice of certified organic essential oils in either peppermint or lavender, and now available unscented.

Our packaging is awesome and earth-friendly, as well. Each lotion bar is wrapped with an eco-clear bag (a certified compostable product made from plants), an outer clamshell box (made from recycled cardboard that is free of bleach, glue and dye and 100% recyclable) and tied together with jute twine, making SOFT AND TWEET lotion bars the perfect ready-made gift.

To use SOFT AND TWEET lotion bars simple heat in hands and apply anywhere you are in need of moisturizing. These luxurious lotion bars are long-lasting and WILL NOT DRY OUT because they are free of water and alcohol. SOFT AND TWEET lotion bars are also free of fillers and harmful preservatives found in many lotions. An added bonus to our premium ingredients is that it contains a natural SPF and are great for air travel due to their solid form. Our lotion bars can be used anywhere your body needs soothing and protecting against dry and chapped skin. SOFT AND TWEET is especially wonderful for soothing moisture after shaving, healing rough hands, heels and elbows, softening lips, and for massage. SOFT AND TWEET makes for a nourishing gift for yourself and your friends. ENJOY!

Note: Lotion bars are heat sensitive, so be sure not to leave them on the dash of your vehicle. Also, I cut my bar in half, placing one piece by the sink (in a soap dish) and another beside the bed (in a jam jar). Hint- Hint … if you have curious pets, you may want a lid on that jar.

If you should find that you are unsatisfied with your lotion bar, for any reason, I will accept an equal exchange or return for full amount within 30 days of delivery.

Please feel free to contact me at ( with any questions or concerns. I look forward to making your day a Soft and Tweet one!

Karuna Spoon was started by my husband, Patrick, and I around 2002. We love making music together and treat it as our life’s passion. Over the years we have released a few albums and are excited to share our music with you. I will not try to explain our sound but if you would like to hear a sample, simply look us up on Sound Cloud. The KARUNA SPOON album “What Twas’, Tis’ and Tomato Bin” is an epic journey through our imaginations as a three-piece group. It is original, eclectic and organic. These songs are recorded live with embellishment added later. Performing on this album are Patrick Rexrode, Eric Moore and myself, with Spike sitting in on drums for “Cry Cause You’re Happy.”

May I suggest… lay back, put on the tunes of KARUNA SPOON, moisturize your skin into a state of SOFT AND TWEETness and sing like a bird….Life is good!

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