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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Steve Lake | Jan Lake
Location: Rt. 2, Box 77, Geary, OK 73040
Contact: 580-623-7561 |
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Our Beeves are locally ‘Born and Raised’ on Oklahoma’s pastures and are processed at Market 54 in Weatherford. We have happy, healthy, heifers and steers that have never been given steroids, antibiotics, or grains. They spend their entire lives on clean, green, lucious pastures, doing what cattle do best, eat grass ! They are leaner, higher in Vitamin E, have more Omega-3 fatty acids and are a better source of CLA than commercial corn fed beef.

We eat this beef ourselves because we know what is “Not” in it !

Our Chicks arrive within 48 hours of hatching and are placed on warm bedding in our heat-lamp brooders and begin feeding on their lifelong ‘100% All Natural Feed Ration’ by J. Salatin. Free access to our own house water, fresh, pure and tested well water is a priority for us. Within 3 weeks, our little friends are tucked into their own portable, wire houses on green forage and moved daily onto fresh, clean, sun-shiney pastures.

When processing day arrives, our little friends are dispached quickly and respectfully here in our on-farm processing facility. Scalders, Pluckers, Stainless steel cutting tables, immediate immersion in cold well water until packaging and then freezing in our own freezers rounds-out our processing days dedicated to cleanliness and humane treatment of our food animals. We eat this meat, are proud to serve it to our guests and offer nothing less to you !

We welcome and encourage farm visits on processing days to see for yourself that “On-Farm Processing” is humane, clean, and safe.

Jan & Don, Steve, Monica & the 5 little ones……………..

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