Tesch Farm

OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Douglas Tesch | Janetta Tesch
Location: 19403 Stevens Road, Tecumseh, OK
Contact: 405-227-4137| teschfarm@yahoo.com
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Tesch Farm
Production Practices: We pasture our poultry in movable pens.  We live on 40 acres in the community of Bethel Acres.  We have a large population of coyotes that run throughout our property, so we use bottomless pens for our chickens.  Once we move them from the brooder (after they get feathers, about 3-4 weeks old), we place them in the mobile pens (chicken tractors) and move them daily so that they have a clean environment and access to grass, bugs and dirt to scratch in.  The feed that we use is a chopped grain mix that is blended in Kansas.  It has no added hormones or antibiotics and they use only Non-GMO grains.  The owner of the mill contracts with farmers for his grain and has a small milling operation.  No chemical pesticides or fertilizers have been used on the property since we purchased 8 years ago.