Volunteer Opportunities


Delivery Day setup, sorting and breakdown. Setting up for delivery day starts on the Tuesday before delivery day and intensifies on Wednesday. On the day of sorting, the doors open at 8:00 a.m. and work runs into the late afternoon. The breakdown happens on Friday and sometimes runs into Saturday. This is a high energy week that is reminiscent of the “barn raisings” of frontier times.

Community involvement and Cooperative outreach.  We can always use help setting up information tables and handing out Cooperative brochures at local events. We also have a handful of professional speakers that welcome opportunities to present at your next business meeting in an effort to raise awareness of the Local Food Movement. And for the foodies, we would love to help you plan and organize an “Oklahoma Food Dinner” for your friends and family or co-workers.

Start a local Pickup Site.An Oklahoma Food Cooperative Pickup site is a place where members can get their orders on Delivery Day which is the third Thursday of every month. Oklahoma Food Cooperative Pickup Sites come in all shapes and sizes! Some sites may only have a small handful of ordering members, and some sites have in excess of 50 members that order every month. At a small site (10 or fewer orders), the cashier and manager and delivery driver may be the same person.

If you want to start a pick up site outside of the metropolitan areas of Oklahoma City, Norman, and Tulsa, we’ll look at which site would be closest to your site. Your site’s groceries would go there and then your driver would pick them up there and take them to your site.

We are willing to start pickup sites and subsidize their operation for a few months while they get off the ground, but we expect those involved with the pickup site to do what they can gather volunteers to assist with operations. Long term operation of a pickup site depends on the ability of the site to generate enough revenue for the Coop to pay the expenses involved with the pickup site.

Office work and creative support.  Like any business, we have administrative needs. We welcome all backgrounds but specifically individuals who have strong accounting and finance skills, people with administrative experience, and much more. We also regularly need graphic designers and videographers to capture our ever-growing story.

Volunteer Incentive Program. The Cooperative offers a Volunteer Incentive Program that allows volunteers to earn credit towards their Cooperative purchases.

  • $7.25/hour credit on purchases
  • Standard IRS mileage is paid to drivers to our pickup site.
  • The Cooperative carries on-the-volunteer-job medical and liability insurance via the CIMA Volunteer Insurance program.  We also carry excess Auto Liability insurance that covers all of our drivers and their vehicles in case of an accident while on Cooperative business.

Ready to get involved? Contact us and speak to our Volunteer Coordinator.