Whitmore Farms

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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Wayne Whitmore | Connie Whitmore
Location: 10320 W. 140th, Coyle, OK 73027
Contact: 405-466-2279 | whitmorefarms@aol.com
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Whitmore Farms represents the fifth and sixth generation of Whitmore agriculturalist of Payne County – all maintaining the tradition of producing premium 100% beef products that contain no added solution. Wayne’s Great Great Grandfather, Charles Whitmore, first settled a claim southwest of Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1890. Like his ancestors, Wayne strives to produce quality products while enjoying an outstanding quality of life. He has been involved in the beef industry all his life, going with his grandpa to feed cows before he was old enough to go to school.

In 2008, the traditional sale of beef production was expanded to selling beef by the cut directly to the customer at farmers markets. Whitmore Farms LLC participates in the Stillwater and Edmond Farmers Markets.

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