Wildhorse Canyon Farms

Meet the Producer

OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Margaret Schaben |Andrew Schaben
Location:18751 E Coffee Creek Road, Luther, OK 73054
Contact: 405-740-3891 | wildhorsecanyonfarms@yahoo.com
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Wildhorse Canyon Farms produces a unique variety of wine jellies and various fruit and grape spreads. We are located in the wine corridor of central Oklahoma, just off historic Route 66. Here at Wildhorse Canyon Farms we are attempting to capture the full flavor and taste of the grapes and fruits that have been enjoyed by countless generations. All of our gourmet spreads are made from only choice ingredients with less sugar, more fruit, and pure 100% juice or wine, made one small batch at a time, like grandma used to make. This way, every bite creates a lasting memory.