Windeater Acres

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OKFC_Logo_Web-SHOPProducer: Deborah Willis | Lydia Zackery
Location: Jones, OK 73049
Contact: 405-399-3113 |
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We joined the Oklahoma Food Coop in 2006, as a way to support Oklahoma farmers. Inspired by the words of Jim Horne and believing, as he does, that Oklahoma farmers have the ability to feed Oklahomans, we decided to move beyond our “kitchen garden” and become producers.

We want to do our part to conserve the agricultural traditions by raising heritage livestock such as Khaki Campbell ducks and Soay sheep, and growing heirloom plants. Khaki Campbell ducks were developed in England in the early 1900s. They are prolific layers, averaging 300 eggs per year. Campbells are on the ALBC-USA “Watch” list. Soays are originally from Scotland and are believed to have been domesticated during prehistoric times. They have been called “the only living example of the small, primitive sheep which inhabited the British Isles before the coming of the Norsemen and the Romans.” The Soay varies in color from a light brown to virtually black coat on the upper body and a white belly. A few are solid black. Some also have white patches.The fleece from Soays is prized by handspinners and weavers because of its color and rarity.

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